The Benefits of a Small Wedding Reception

Published: 23rd March 2010
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The best thing about wedding is that you can do it your own way. You can plan for the details not minding on what other people shall prefer more, after all the celebration is for you and your partner. Thus, you have to truly feel an ownership on your wedding. But what do you think is the best option if you have some things in mind that you find considerable, especially the budget for the wedding? Well, why not opt for a small wedding celebration? Small wedding celebration doesn't make it any less from the luxurious and extravagant weddings. You must learn your ultimate objective, and that it to make your wedding memorable and special. Making your wedding special doesn't really mean spending a lot of money.

Small weddings are definitely practical. But if you have some worries on what the outcome shall be when you opt for this decision, try to console yourself with the following benefits given by small weddings:

1. Small weddings are intimate and therefore draw a much sincere and affectionate emotion among the guests and the couple. You still get the chance to spend your most special day together with your family and some other people whom are close and truly love you.

2. Small weddings are less stressing and less complicated. The groom and the bride enjoy a relaxing and peaceful celebration. Since the group is mainly composed of family and closest friends, the couple can feel much at ease because of their familiarity to the guests.

3. Of course, small weddings can save the couple much money. Big wedding celebrations involve big wedding allocation. It is probably the most constructive benefit for an intimate wedding. It is better to have a simple yet beautiful wedding celebration than having a grand wedding which will put you into debt.

4. Small weddings also give you the option to overindulge. Just for the record, some couples decide to have a small wedding not because their budget is limited; instead they just prefer to have a sumptuous wedding over a small number of guests. So by logic, we can say that small weddings beget more appreciation as you spend lesser than the usual.

5. Couple gets the chance to select over multiple venues. Small weddings don't require big venues. Many small venues for wedding can accommodate you.

6. Enjoy the privilege of customizing your own wedding according to your taste and preferences. Small weddings don't put too much pressure on the couples, thus they can think of more ideas to make their wedding unique and wonderful. This is a good chance for you to express a certain reflection about you and your fiancée.

7. Couples also get more time to get along with their guests. The advantage of small guests is that couples can have more time for each of them.

8. Guests will then feel more comfortable and at home on your celebration because you have been accommodating to them.

9. Small weddings encourage the guests to get involve.

10. Small weddings are more likely to be not usual. Thus, guests will eventually remember it for the rest of their lives. Couples will definitely love the experience.

You have known the 10 advantages of a small wedding. Why not consider it then?

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